Sloky Torque Screwdriver - Change how we fasten the turning tools! Standardize for fastening!

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  • TORX PLUS® 75mm IP Bits
    TORX PLUS® 75mm IP Bits

    75mm IP bit with fully color coated as color management to prevent mistake of torque apply; also to distiguish from TX bit with color stripe only. Larger contact surface between tool and screw. The line of effective force is in the direction of movement (direction of rotation). User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling. (TORX® and TORX PLUS® both are registered trademarks of Acument global technologies LLC.)

  • HEXAGON 25mm Bits
    HEXAGON 25mm Bits

    25mm Hexagon bits with color stripe as color management to prevent mistake of torque apply for cutting inserts. User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.

  • HEXAGON 50mm Bits
    HEXAGON 50mm Bits

    25mm Hexagon bits with color stripe as color management to prevent mistake of torque apply for cutting inserts. User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.

  • Torque Screwdriver for Shooting
    Torque Screwdriver for Shooting

    We met Fix it Sticks on 2015 and it's been great doing business with them these yrs. They found our products by Internet and believe the size of our Torque adapters is very attractive so he wants to find a good application to promote Sloky. After studying of market and base on his background, he found Sloky torque adapter would work perfectly with his own tool for shooting and hunting application. When people go shooting or hunting, they only just bring a backpack with them so they need to minimize all possible size of stuff to carry with. Also with help of Fix it Sticks, customers seem to like this idea and products very well. We also try to promote into military application and hope our invention of torque adapters will be accepted generally.

  • TPMS Torque screwdriver
    TPMS Torque screwdriver

    TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System and to warn drivers that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions.Right now many countries already created the laws to enforce applying TPMS into new vehicles. Many hand tool manufactures also have provided torque sets specifically for TPMS as well. Our CEO Jeff also wants to create our own set of TPMS and want to make the size very small due to the advantages of our Sloky torque adapters. Successfully we have created our own Sloky torque sets and sold to Europe and feedback as also good. It encourage us to find more possible customers including manufactures of TPMS and we want to help them create their own TPMS tool set to sell with their products. We may customize with small QTY from 300~1000 sets depending on specs so please contact with us if you like to give a try.

  • Torque Screwdriver for Harmonica
    Torque Screwdriver for Harmonica

    Been years that we know musical instruments are required to assembled by torque screwdrivers. Take drum as example, we learned that they need 1, 2 and 3Nm to fasten different nuts and we were also trying to reach manufactures. Luckily we found a manufacture of harmonica in Taiwan, Mtavietnam. After meeting and testing, we found 0.08Nm would be the best torque to fasten harmonica and have customized 300 sets of Harmonica torque screwdriver for them to sell with their products. It not only helps them sell and protect their products, but also raise profession and reliability among their customers. Also it becomes our first application into musical instruments. What a great experience and win-win for both of us. Once again, if you are manufactures of musical instruments who want to provide torque screwdriver for your customers, please contact with us. You will find it easily to make your own torque tool sets.

  • Precision Fastening Torque device
    Precision Fastening Torque device

    We found precision fastening more and more popular in the markets; therefore, we invented mini adapter from 0.1~0.7Nm for professional players. Possible application including cell phones, laptops, drown, camera, watches and all kinds of 3C devices. Please contact with us if you want to make your own sets. All we need to know is what kind of screw you need to fasten and we may provide recommendation.A total solution for applications below: Communication Devices, Consumer Electronics, Drones, UAV, Printed Circuit Boards, cell Phones, Laptops, Camera, Watches and all kinds of 3C devices Transform normal screwdriver to torque screwdriverSLOKY mini torque adapter to fit almost any kind of the 4mm bits and handle with Ø4 mm in the market.

  • Torque screwdriver for assembling
    Torque screwdriver for assembling

    We all need different torque and bits for all different assembling as long as what you need to fasten is very high-valued. Above set is what we customized for customer in UK. If you also know the torque spec and bits type you need, we may customize for you easily with low MOQ required.

  • Torque scredriver for heat sink
    Torque scredriver for heat sink

    This customer found us by internet and advised that they need to fasten for CUP heat sink; however, they can't find tools. After knowing the spec on the sticker of heat sink provided by this customer, we simply just provided them sample free of charge. In return, we just asked for application picture because we want to know all possible kinds of application we can do. Even this set never get mass production and we didn't get paid at all, we are still happy to help and know this new possible application.

  • Woodworking Torque Screwdriver
    Woodworking Torque Screwdriver

    This is also a customized application by my distributor in Germany. After knowing what customers are looking for, they bought parts and assemble for them. I believe this is a very good example how Sloky team may help customer globally with flexibility, expertise and quick service

  • Semiconductor Torque Screwdriver
    Semiconductor Torque Screwdriver

    This customer found us by internet and informed that they need to fasten a copper part as above pic. This is for protection of their final product which seems to be a plastic item. Even still don't know what their products are, we sent sample free of charge as well. Testing result was perfect and they sent purchaser to contact with us. By discussion with the purchaser, they understood our MOQ of customized torque adaptors is 300 but they only need about 24pcs instead. They were also very honest informing they may never buy from us again because this is just a new and single time project. In the end, we sill accept order of 24pcs and informed this is one time only service as a favor. In return, they also provide us picture of application as our profile of new application. We are very open so please contact with us. You will find us very helpful and understanding.

  • Torque screwdriver for medical application
    Torque screwdriver for medical application

    New invention patented torque adapters for custom design and new application with 8mm/20mm coming up! (Patent no. US 8549963/DE 10212005885.3/JP 3174153/TW M439546/CN ZL201220320077.3)The torque adapter is functional by the radial direction friction; it is different from the marketed product nowadays. When an object slips or is going slip with another object, on the two contact faces will create a relative action. This relative action is called the static friction, it creates the abrasion after use a certain time. The preset torque of adapter may get low due to this abrasion.

  • Roller-Blades/Skates torque screwdriver
    Roller-Blades/Skates torque screwdriver

    Why did RIGOUR.TW come to Sloky to develop torque screwdriver for Roller-Blades application? As parents of Roller-Blades players, funder of Rigour was trying to help their kids to fasten roller blade wheels for better performance. During the development, they thought it not only could be a solution for all the parents, but also could be a great market. They searched online and check with friends about Sloky; finally met each other and had a great understanding of each other. With helps and expertise from Sloky, to fasten the wheels of roller blades becomes earier and can be standardized. The players can use differnt torque to achieve the best performance; we were surprised to find that through the precise torque of sloky, the hand force response of the wheel tool post and the bearing clearance can be changed. In short, through different torque control, players can find their own feeling depends on the distance of the races. This discovery is an innovation that we converted the power of the tighting wheel force into a measurement of torque, and we made it possible through Sloky torque driver. Numbers of domestic and foreign players has proved that this is indeed; Riguor by Sloky can be used to stabilize the wheel fastening.

  • Turntable torque screwdriver
    Turntable torque screwdriver

    Sloky Torque Screwdriver is proud to be used by individual customer to fasten a high-end vinyl record player worth $ 4,000 Technics SL-1200GIn order to achieve the best sound, each screw must be fastened with the same torque, so that the "stress" is evenly distributed; the stress is defined as the acting force per unit area. Individual customers originally wanted to find Japanese precision torque screwdrivers Kanon or Tohnichi, but after searching the Internet, they saw Sloky torque screwdrivers and contacted us. After a brief communication, we recommended the 0.9, 1.2Nm and slim fit handle of Sloky. After the customer used it that night, they informed that it was quite suitable, and provided some application photos for Sloky to share with everyone. We are also honored to receive these precious application photos.Sloky also welcomes all friends who need a torque screwdriver to contact us, and provides application photos so that Sloky can share with others.

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Sloky Torque Screw Driver For Cutting Tool Service Introduction

Sloky, the only and smallest "torque adapter" with multi-national pentents is Taiwan Torque Screw Driver For Cutting Tool supplier and manufacturer with more than 37 years experence. Since 1979, in the Cutting Tools, Shooting/Hunting, Circuit board, Tire pressure detector, DIY Market, Drum, Lens, 3C devices and Golf Club, Customization of torque, torque wrench, hexagon, torx, torx plus, torque set, screwdriver, driver set, customize torque, torque customization, torque wrench, torque bits, torque control, wiha, wera, PB, mountz, Preset torque, milling, turning, lathing, machining, CNC, High precision, cutting tool, milling parts, lathing parts, fastener, customized, special screw, Sloky has been offering our customers high quality Torque Screw Driver For Cutting Tool production service. With both advanced technology and 37 years experience, Sloky always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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