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"SLOKY®" comes from the meaning of "SOLO KEY" in Taiwanese dialogue. It is defined from the position of patented adapter in torque screwdriver system as a solo performer. Patented adapter plays as a solo performer, with a unique feature to build whole product system. The torque's value is setting on the adapter; complied with various bits and handles become torque screwdrivers for tighten or loosen the screw. Sloky torque screwdriver, a predictable, replaceable and organized tool. It is considering to be used in industrial field having a greatest advantage of "no-over tighten". It prevents the damages of the screw and tool, in addition it provides a replaceable function to fit with driver bits having different shape and dimensions.

Color IDNmKgfcmln-lbColor IDNmKgfcmln-lb
TX6 / 6IP0.66.15.3TX10 / 10IP220.417.7
TX7 / 7IP0.99.28TX15 / 15IP330.626.6
TX8 / 8IP1.21210.6TX20 / 20IP55144.3
TX9 / 9IP1.41412.4TX25 / 25IP5.556.148.7
SLOKY Smart Kit Torx
  • When the demand torque is reached, there is a click sound. For continued tightening on the screw, it is no longer to increase the torque on the screw.
  • It has a reversible system to use the same screwdriver for tightening and loosening the screw.
  • The limit of loosening torque is larger than the tightening torque to protect both tool and the screw from the breaking or damage.
  • Not only the bit, the torque adapter is also replaceable.
  • Light and precise! Ideal as economic torque screwdriver.
  • Fitting with a universal handle, the most compact size of torque screwdriver in the world is built.
  • The cost of the torque adapter is lower in comparison with other brands.
  • Different torque value preset adapter is available on request.
  • Persisting highest quality to supply SLOKY products and services to meet customer's satisfactions.
  • Accomplishing customer's requirements by professional technology.
Adapter Principle

"No- over tighten" adapter is created from the non-return ratchet torque socket. It comprised a shaft rod and a shaft cylinder. A core shaft of shaft rod is sleeved with a mobile ratchet capable of axially moving; the shaft cylinder has a shaft slot formed for being sleeved with the core shaft. When the core shaft rotates in the shaft slot and the applied torque exceeds the preset torque value, the core shaft idly rotates in the shaft slot. It means when the demand torque is reached, continued tightening is no longer to increase the torque on the screw.

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  • New Application of Torque Screwdriver
    Easily customize from 0.1~18Nm with small MOQ; Sloky is your answer of torque screwdriver

    We are exploring all possible application of our Torque adapters from 0.1~18Nm. If you have any idea, please feel free to contact with us. We are willing to provide solution and samples. Our MOQ for customization of mass prduction is from 300~1000pcs depends on the design and application. Below you may also find some application we have done and we look forward to hearing from you.

  • Single Spec Torque Screwdriver Set
    Torque Screwdriver of singal torque

    Sloky Preset Torque Screwdriver (Torque Wrench) with 25mm and 50mm bits; HEX® TORX® and TORX PLUS® avaliable. User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.

  • Multi Spec Torque Screwdriver Kit
    Torque Screwdriver of multi torque

    Best kit of Torque screwdrier (Torque Wrench) for field jobs of cutting tools for CNC machine parts; choice of handles (Universal and Slim-Fit) with 6 Sloky Preset Torque Adapters and 6 ~ 12 bits (25mm and 50mm bits; TORX® and TORX PLUS® avaliable. User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.

  • Accessories of Torque Screwdriver
    Torque Screwdriver for your needs

    Sloky Preset Torque Adapter: Hexagon socket and magnetic design; good for all bits 5,000 times life cycle, 90 deg as 1 time. Tollerance +/- 10% TORX® and TORX PLUS® Bits: 25mm and 50mm Univeral, Slim-Fit and T-Flying Handles Flexible application for CNC Cutting Tools, Shooting/Hunting, Circuit board, Tire pressure detector, DIY Market, Drum, Lens, 3C devices and Golf Club. (TORX® and TORX PLUS® both are registered trademarks of Acument global technologies LLC.)

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CNC Machine Torque Wrench Supplier - Sloky

Sloky, the only and smallest "torque adapter" with multi-national pentents is one of prime torque wrench suppliers located in Taiwan since 1979.

0.1~6mm torque screwdriver & torque driver set designed for CNC cutting tools of machining, lathing, turning, and milling parts. ISO9000 and ISO14001 authentication and QC080000 RoHS certificate from ECCB for our quality assurance.

Sloky has been offering customers precision screwdriver with torque control since 1979. Both with advanced technology and 45 years of experience, Sloky ensures each customer's demands are met.

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