Sloky by Prochi in CHEMIS, M-Tech Toyko 2019

Sloky by Prochi in CHEMIS

Sloky by Prochi in CHEMIS, M-Tech Toyko 2019

2019/02/06 SLOKY
Sloky by Prochi in CHEMIS
Sloky by Prochi in CHEMIS

Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo [M-Tech] is an exhibition gathering all kinds of mechanical parts such as bearings, fasteners, mechanical springs, metal and plastic processing technology. M-Tech attracts a significant number of professionals every year from design, development, manufacturing, production engineering, purchasing and quality control departments, to conduct lively business discussions with exhibitors.

Already for the twenty-third time the M-Tech takes place on 3 days from Wed., 06.02.2019 to Fri., 08.02.2019 in Tokyo.

Exhibit Profile
Motion Technology Fair
Bearings | Changers/Reducers | Gears, Belts | Chains | Lubricant | etc.

Motor Fair
Motors | Drivers | Controllers | etc.

Compressor/Fluid Power Transmission Fair
Compressor | Hydraulics Equipment | Water Hydraulics Equipment | Seals | etc.

Tube Components Fair
Pipes | Tubes | Joints | Valves | etc.

Mechanical Parts & Related Products Fair
Hinges | Levers | Stays | Casters | and Mechanical Parts & Related Products

Fasteners & Fastening Technology Fair
Bolts | Nuts | Washers | Rivets | etc.

Mechanical Springs Fair
Variety Springs | Spring Forming Machines | Forming/Processing Technology | Spring Tester | etc.

Surface Treatment & Modification Fair
Plating | Surface Coating | and Surface Treatment & Modification Technology

Processing Technology & Materials Fair
Machining/Cutting | Pressing | Forging | Casting | Die-Casting | Fabrication Technology | etc.

Ultraprecision Processing/Microfabrication Fair
Fine/Ultraprecision Cutting | Fine/Ultraprecision Laser Processing | Fine/Ultraprecision Abrasive Machining | Ultraprecision Pressing
Microfabrication of Prototypes | etc.

Large/Thick Parts Machining Fair
Large Parts Cutting | Large Plate Processing | Large Parts Forging Technology | Thick Parts Processing | Large/Thick Parts Pressing | Large Parts Plastic Processing | Large Parts Casting | etc.

Lightweight Technology Fair
Lightweight Materials | Processing | Components | etc.

Deburring & Surface Finishing Fair
Blasting Technologies | Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies/Equipment | Barrel Finishing

Mechanical Parts Cleaning Fair
Washers | Cleaners | Driers | Cleaning Outsourcing Services | etc.
Processing Machines & Machine Tools Fair
Hand Tools | Diamond/CBN Tools | Spindles | End Mills Machine Tools | Injection Molding Machines | Metal/Resin Processing Machines | etc.

Testing/Measuring/Sensor Fair
Testing Instrument/Equipment | Measuring Instrument/Equipment | Sensors | Cameras | Encode | etc.

M-Tech Tokyo is Japan’s largest trade show for mechanical components and materials technology. It attracts companies from all over the world and a wide range of industries that have already entered the Japanese market or like to do so. Among visitors are technical experts from divisions like design engineering, production engineering, quality control, purchasing, research and others. M-Tech Tokyo is held in conjunction with Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo.

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  • Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo [MTech]
  • Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
  • 2019/2/6-2/8
  • 10 AM-6 PM (5 PM on Last day)

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