See you in IMTS 2018, No432254, Chicago

See you in IMTS 2018, No432254, Chicago

2018/07/18 SLOKY
Sloky will attend IMTS 2018 in Chicago
Sloky will attend IMTS 2018 in Chicago

IMTS is the biggest mechanical manufacturing exhibition in the United States and has been held for 30 times.

There are approximately 2000 exhibitors will attend to the exhibition at the McCormick Place where its area has been more than 200,000 square meters at Chicago, Illinois, United States. IMTS is held biennial in Chicago and attracted more than 82,000 buyers and suppliers from 112 countries and regions.

IMTS 2018 will be the world’s most anticipated machine tool exhibition of the year 2018. Sloky torque screwdrivers and BAOJE cutting tools will be exhibited at IMTS. ACSC International Incorporated is the US distributor of Sloky torque screwdrivers, and ACSC International Incorporated has exclusive booth to displaying Sloky torque screwdrivers, and also invited BAOJE cutting tools to be exhibited together.

BAOJE cutting tool specializes in the design and manufacture of micro boring tools and special external cutting tools. BAOJE has a lot of worldwide patents. Baoje has numerous successful development cases of customized tools. BAOJE systematic cutting tool features are to solve current technicians’ skill problems, shortage and enhance CNC machining efficiency. Sloky torque screwdriver is a patented design and manufacture of ChienFu Enterprise. The Sloky Torque Adapter has now obtained multinational new type patents and torque design patents. It can be used with various handles to increase its additional functions, and it is also one of the world’s smallest torque screwdrivers. The torque screwdriver is now positioned to apply in tighten and loosen of cutting tools, with the use of torque control in the tighten process makes tools and related applications standardized process, providing better accuracy and lifetime.

Exhibited products:

Torque Screwdrivers, Torque Adapters, Single Set Torque Screwdriver, Multi-Functional Torque Screwdrivers Set, Handles, Bits, CNC systematic cutting tools, Carbide Tungsten Boring Tools, CNC Tool holders, CNC Tool Shaft, Grooving Tools, Threading Tools, Face Grooving Tools, Turning Tools

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  • IMTS – International Manufacturing Technology Show
  • Show Dates:September 10-15, 2018
  • Show Location:McCormick Place • 2301 S Lake Shore Dr • Chicago, IL 60616 USA
  • Booth number:No. 432254, West Building, Level 3.
  • Show Hours:West Building – 09:00 – 17:00

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Sloky, the only and smallest "torque adapter" with multi-national pentents is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Cutting Tools, Shooting/Hunting, Circuit board, Tire pressure detector, DIY Market, Drum, Lens, 3C devices and Golf Club, Customization of torque, torque wrench, hexagon, torx, torx plus, torque set, screwdriver, driver set, customize torque, torque customization, torque wrench, torque bits, torque control, wiha, wera, PB, mountz, Preset torque, milling, turning, lathing, machining, CNC, High precision, cutting tool, milling parts, lathing parts, fastener, customized, special screw. Sloky has been offering our customers high quality Torque Screwdriver, Torque Control, Torque Adapter, Torque Sleeve, Torque Set, Torque Management, Lathing Tools, Hinges, Turning Tools Control, Milling Tools Control, Screwdriver, Fixing Tool since 1979. With both advanced technology and 37 years experience, Sloky always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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