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Динамометрическая отвертка Sloky - измените способ крепления токарных инструментов! Стандартизируйте для крепления!

Профиль Компании


Chienfu-Tec CNC machine shop was founded in 1979, with 30s years’ experience and nearly 120s units of machineries and testing equipment,
dedicated into producing high precision metal CNC machine parts. Under the leadership of the founder and second generation, CEO, Mr. Jeff Chuang, we insisting providing customers high efficiency, high quality, and high satisfaction globally with continuous innovation and invention. Furthermore, we also integrate our experience and expertise into manufacturing sophisticated CNC precision machining, lathing and milling parts for various application including automobile, 3C devices and medical.
Chienfu not only pursuing advanced technology and capability with malti-country patents, but also has passed the international quality management system ISO9000 and ISO14001 authentication and QC080000 RoHS certificate from ECCB for our quality assurance.
One stop solution for your CNC needs for time saving: services from design and CNC programming to machining, assembling, package, labeling, QC and also services of anodizing, plating, passivation, coating, laser printing and drilling.
In 2012, we also proudly launched “Sloky”, the only and smallest “torque screwdriver” original designed for CNC cutting tools of machining, lathing, turning, and milling parts. Change how we fasten and standardize for fastening! Easily customize from 0.1~6Nm with small MOQ.

2020ISO13485 medical certificate approved.
2019Sloky won Taiwan excellence award 2020
2018Sloky won Taiwan excellence award 2019
2017ISO14001 environment management approved.
2016Interviewed by National New channel TVBS and distribute in 30+ multi countries.
2015Purchase CITIZEN L12 CNC.
2013Invested Booster Precise Instrument Element Co., Ltd. in KunShan, China.
2013Published and branded SLOKY® for torque screwdriver globally.
2011Tapping center machining purchased from Japan.
2010Applying the concept of torque hinge to develop a brand new type of torque screwdriver.
2007Verified by the ECCB and passed the QC080000 IECQ certificate of ROHS.
2004In accumulation of more than 30 pieces of invention patents for hinges obtained in Taiwan and China.
2002Invested and developed innovative hinges for various applications.
1999ISO 9000 international quality management system authentication approved.
1989Moved to Fu Ying Rd, Xinzhuang District and purchased our first CNC lathe.
1979Established in Shi Sheng St, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City.

Sloky STEP, умный крутящий момент везде, где возможно

Лучшая распродажа

Поставщик динамометрических ключей для станков с ЧПУ - Sloky

Sloky, the only and smallest "torque adapter" with multi-national pentents является одним из ведущих поставщиков динамометрических ключей на Тайване с 1979 года.

Набор динамометрических отверток и динамометрических отверток 0,1 ~ 6 мм, предназначенный для режущих инструментов с ЧПУ для обработки, токарной обработки, токарной обработки и фрезерования деталей. Проверка подлинности ISO9000 и ISO14001 и сертификат QC080000 RoHS от ECCB для обеспечения качества.

Sloky предлагает клиентам прецизионные отвертки с контролем крутящего момента с 1979 года. Обладая передовыми технологиями и 37-летним опытом, Sloky обеспечивает выполнение требований каждого клиента.

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Набор с одним крутящим моментом

Набор с одним крутящим моментом

Одиночный набор динамометрической отвертки Sloky...

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Адаптеры и биты

Адаптеры и биты

Жизненный цикл 5000 раз, допуск +/- 10%, легко настраивается...

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